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Case Study – Finding Solutions in a Tough Market – The Village Church – Plano Campus


Context Understood

In March of 2014, The Village Church purchased a church facility in Plano, Texas.  But this story starts in 2012.  The Village Church had a large group of members in Plano and were searching for a facility.  It was clear that there were very few existing facilities and conversion opportunities that would fit their facility needs.  Church Realty started conversations with multiple churches that were not on the market to find options that were not readily available.  While The Village began Home Groups and quarterly prayer meetings in Plano, Church Realty began to identify properties that were on the market as well as options that were not listed for sale.


Options Compared and Solutions Implemented

One of the churches Church Realty engaged in conversation in 2012, was not ready to have discussions or allow a tour.  It is common for churches to take time as they consider their options to relocate or close a congregation.  While continuing to look at options in Plano, The Village Church and Church Realty waited as the church went through their process.  In April of 2013, the church allowed The Village Church to tour the property.  It took the church that was considering closing or relocating eight months to consider an offer.  In January of 2014, we were able to put the leaders of the two churches together.  In this meeting, the selling church shared their vision to see families and children filling the building, meeting Jesus, and growing in their faith.  This was a unique meeting in which the stewardship of the facility began to be passed from the Seller to the Purchaser.  In the Spring of 2014, The Village Church purchased the property and a leaseback was negotiated to allow the existing daycare ministry to finish out their school year.


Ministry Maximized

By the time The Village Church purchased the property they had 53 home groups in the Plano area.  Since opening in the fall of 2014 The Village has packed out the facility and used this location to reach many people in the Plano area with the Gospel.  The Village Church is now the steward of this building and the vision that the selling church had is now being realized.  In the end, this is more than a real estate transaction.  The search for a building led to a great revitalization of a building that once again is being used as a tool to facilitate ministry in the heart of Plano, Texas.

“As our team searched for a facility for our church, Church Realty served The Village Church – Plano by identifying options that were listed for sale and uncovered additional options that were not on the market.  Working together with Church Realty, we were able to secure a facility solution that was never on the market but it was exactly what we had been praying for.”

Hunter Hall
Plano Campus Pastor | The Village Church

Case Study – Interim Solution to Facilitate a Long-Term Goal – Preston Trail Community Church


Context Understood

Preston Trail Community Church opened with children’s programs at a local Frisco Daycare. Meeting on Sunday mornings led to the church launching full worship services at the AMC Stonebriar in Frisco. The church grew to 300 in the theater and the Co-Senior Pastors, Jim Johnson and Paul Basden, knew they had to find a permanent home.


Options Compared and Solutions Implemented

The leadership team asked Service Realty to find 25 acres to purchase in Frisco. Upon counting the costs to buy land and build, PTCC realized it would be better stewardship of their resources to find a building to purchase. Buying land would have required several more years in a temporary facility. Church Realty identified the available buildings and located a 45,000 sqft former computer chip manufacturing building. PTCC purchased the site and to get additional parking they simultaneously bought an acre next door. The church converted the building to an excellent church space that allowed PTCC to grow to 1,500+ members. This facility allowed PTCC to grow and develop the budget to pursue land to build the facility that will hold them for the next 20 – 30 years.


Ministry Maximized

Preston Trail moved into the building on Christmas Eve 2007 and grew from 300 in weekly attendance to 1,500 in weekly attendance. In the Summer of 2008 PTCC realized that the building would hold them for a season but that they would need a plan for the future. SRI began identifying 25 – 35 acre sites all around Frisco. In April 2010, PTCC bought a 33+acre site in Frisco that will uniquely position PTCC to be a regional Church. In 2014, Preston Trail opened the doors of their new campus and now average 3,500+ per weekend. Church Realty assisted Preston Trail as they leased the original building to a multisite ministry and eventually sold the building to the same ministry in 2017.
Church Realty and PTCC became partners through the growth process. Danny Muzyka assisted PTCC through the purchase of the facility and helped count the costs and work with the city to get the project done. John Muzyka has continued to serve PTCC as they have searched, pursued and purchased land for their next facility. The leadership team and Church Realty worked together closely to ensure that each step was evaluated and that each cost was counted.

“I would encourage you and your leaders to partner with the team at Church Realty. Their dedicated work to serving the church community has served our Church well, and I am confident that they are the number one company to connect with when searching for a church facility.”

Jim Johnson
Senior Pastor | Preston Trail Community Church

Case Study – Downsize to Maximize – Royal Haven Baptist Church


Context Understood

Royal Haven Baptist Church has a long history in the Dallas Community. Like many churches who are in one location for 50+ years, Royal Haven Baptist Church (RHBC) experienced a dramatic decline of their church due to an aging congregation and a change in the demographics of the surrounding community. RHBC had an 80,000 ft² building, with a sanctuary that seated over 900. The congregation at RHBC had 80 members with an average age of 70 and all the resources were being put into maintaining the facility and grounds.


Options Compared and Solutions Implemented

Church Realty stayed in contact with RHBC as the congregation at RHBC continued to deal with the challenges of a ministry that was in decline. In 2011, RHBC indicated that they would entertain an offer on their building, but they had to find a new campus, turning their current facility into cash for a new campus. SRI was able to find RHBC a building that was less than 40,000 ft² and seated about 350 in the sanctuary that was not on the market. RHBC was able to sell their building, purchase that building and retain enough cash to continue the Mission and Vision of their church.  In the first year after relocating their church RHBC doubled its membership.


Ministry Maximized

Church Realty was able to identify options for RHBC that allowed them to take the time, effort and finances that they were using to maintain their building and put it into ministries. A small congregation merged with RHBC shortly after they were settled in their new building which has allowed the two churches to become one church and operate in one building and use the second building for outreach for use by smaller ethnic congregations and ministries. Without the financial burden of their old 80,000 ft² building, their membership and budget doubled and they were able to cut their expenses in half.

“We were truly blessed to have worked with Church Realty. Their persistent pursuit helped put us in position to minister to so many more people. We not only doubled our budget and cut expenses in half, but more importantly, we have doubled our average Sunday attendance. We are currently working towards doubling our membership yet again over the next few years.”

Jack Hannon
Church Administrator | Royal Haven Baptist Church

Case Study – Fiscally Responsible Church that Struggled with Bookkeeping – Dallas Chin Baptist Church


Context Understood

Dallas Chin Baptist Church (DCBC), a relatively young church, is a church made up of refugees who fled Burma to escape political and religious oppression. The Chin people are very frugal, yet very generous, and DCBC was able to demonstrate this by saving a large amount of cash to purchase their first building. The church was able to save money, but the lack of consistency in their bookkeeping, made it difficult to communicate their financial history to a lender. In this situation, the financials were done by volunteers that changed on a yearly basis.


Options Compared and Solutions Implemented

Church Realty (SRI) was hired by DCBC to evaluate their financial situation, build a financial package and shop their loan to lenders so that DCBC could purchase a church building. While DCBC was able to get a loan proposal from a denominational lender, the terms were not practical for the church because of the structure of the loan. While the terms of the denominational lender’s proposal were not practical, they also skewed the expectations of the church as the interest rate was low.

DCBC needed to secure a loan fairly quickly, as they had a building under contract. SRI was tasked with finding lenders who would do the loan. The loan package was completed and presented to lenders. While several lenders declined due to a series of concerns, SRI was able to address the concerns and secure loan proposals from three lenders. SRI helped DCBC understand the loan proposals and worked to make sure DCBC got the best deal from each lender. With SRI’s help, DCBC was able to share their financial story with these lenders in a way that helped them obtain financing for their project.


Ministry Maximized

SRI drafted a loan request and built a loan package in a language that lenders use. SRI came alongside DCBC and set out to provide a solution that met the defined goals of DCBC, while clearly addressing the financial realities of church. The loan request and package helped the lenders understand the ministry, motivations, and needs of the church. SRI was able to help DCBC understand the how lenders would view and respond to their financial situation, which helped set proper expectations for the current church lending environment. In the end, DCBC was able choose the lender and loan that would allow them to devote their time and energy towards advancing their mission of spreading the Gospel, while SRI focused on serving DCBC by bringing financing solutions for their project.

Note: SRI does not provide bookkeeping services. If you are in need of bookkeeping services, we can refer your church to groups who can assist you.


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