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Refinance Service

Service Realty’s Refinance Service is carried out in three phases.

Phase 1 – Financial Evaluation


We compare your financial information to RMA (Risk Management Association) guidelines to make an assessment of the likelihood your loan request would be satisfied. We also compare your current loan structure to other options to confirm that refinancing your loan is the right decision.

Phase 2 – Loan Packaging


We will produce a loan package to be presented to potential lenders. The loan package will be organized in a way that summarizes the following:

  • Summary of your loan request and how refinancing makes sense for you
  • Key financial information
  • Relevant historical information
  • Relevant demographic analysis
  • Bio’s of key leaders
  • Governing documents

Phase 3 - Loan Placement


Once you feel the Loan Package accurately represents your situation, we will begin the process of finding a lender.


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