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You have made the DECISION to pursue multisite.

We recommend you connect with our Trusted Partner, Jim Tomberlin at Multisite Solutions to work through the process of Mission, Vision, Staffing, Programming, Technology, Branding, and Administration.  These are just a few of the things your team will need to gain Clarity on prior to launching your Multisite campus.  We encourage you to connect with MultiSite Solutions for a consultation.

Key Decision:  Who will be the Campus Pastor


You have made the Decision to launch and need to DEFINE the Marketplace in which you will launch and DETERMINE the budget for your launch.

Are you open to a one day a week location in a school, theater, or other venue?  Will you lease?  How much per month will you spend?  Will you invest in a Portable Church setup? 

Will you purchase?  Are you willing to take on debt for a campus?  Existing church building or non-traditional space?

Critical Decision: What is the budget and how will we fund it


You have made the Decision, and defined the marketplace and budget.  It’s time to choose a site!

Our team can guide you through the process of identifying and evaluating sites that are available on the market and not on the market.  Whether you will lease or purchase we must evaluate each facility and work to get the rights to use the space.  Bringing options to the table and negotiating a deal that allows your church to extend the reach of the Gospel is what we do all day, every day.


Now that the Site has been found it is time to launch.  This may mean finishing out a space, building a facility, or working out an agreement for use of a space.  Making this site yours and preparing to Launch is the final step.