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Chase Oaks Church determined that they would open a Spanish Campus in East Plano in 2014.  The decision was made to open this campus in an elementary school.  Chase Oaks asked Service Realty to help find either a church to buy or a community center to rent to supplement the ministry.  After identifying the options in the Target Area, Chase Oaks determined that the Community Center Area was the option to pursue while continuing to use a portable worship venue.

This Community Center is a 4,000 sqft space in the middle of the Hispanic community that allows Chase Oaks to do 7 day a week ministry just down the block from the elementary school.  Chase Oaks can offer English as a Second Language Classes, Bible Studies and connect their Sunday Worship service to a local ministry space. 
This Community Center concept has been replicated by other Service Realty clients in Seattle, Washington and Walnut Creek, California.