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In March of 2014, The Village Church purchased a church facility in Plano, Texas.  But this story starts in 2012.  The Village Church had a large group of members in Plano and were searching for a facility.  Service Realty started conversations with multiple churches that were not on the market but were open to allowing us to tour the facilities.  While The Village began Home Groups and quarterly prayer meetings in Plano, Service Realty began to identify properties that were on the market as well as options that were not listed for sale.  In Plano, the opportunities were few.

One of the churches Service Realty engaged in conversation in 2012, was not ready to have discussions or allow a tour.  It is common for churches to take time as they consider their options to relocate or close a congregation.  While continuing to look at options in Plano, The Village Church and Service Realty waited as the church went through their process.  In April of 2013, the church allowed The Village Church to tour the property.  It took the church that was considering closing or relocating eight months to consider an offer.  In January of 2014, we were able to put the leaders of the two churches together.  In this meeting, the selling church shared their vision to see families and children filling the building, meeting Jesus, and growing in their faith.  This was a unique meeting in which the stewardship of the facility began to be passed from the Seller to the Purchaser.  In the Spring of 2014, The Village Church purchased the property and a leaseback was negotiated to allow the existing daycare ministry to finish out their school year.

By the time The Village Church purchased the property they had 53 home groups in the Plano area.  Since opening in the fall of 2014 The Village has packed out the facility and used this location to reach many people in the Plano area with the Gospel.  The Village Church is now the steward of this building and the vision that the selling church had is now being realized.  In the end, this is more than a real estate transaction.  The search for a building led to a great revitalization of a building that once again is being used as a tool to facilitate ministry in the heart of Plano, Texas.